3 Wonderful Uses of Letter Beads and Charms

Posted by beadsRfun on 1/15/2015

Whether you're a parent, a teacher, an artist, a fashion enthusiast, a hobbyist, or an entrepreneur, it's certainly a good idea to stock up on the different letter beads and charms available in the market today. They're certainly charming and stylish, not to mention bound to be of good use if you're into artsy stuff or if you facilitate arts and crafts projects for children.

Educational Crafts for Kids

Every school should have these letter beads and charms as they can easily be incorporated into kids' creative endeavors. Imagine a preschooler sticking these beads on a personalized picture frame to spell his name. Or perhaps you could even ask older kids to spell out words that describe them or that rhyme, all the while integrating such with activities like bracelet making, box decorating, and more.

Indeed making use of these alphabet trinkets will make little children more familiar with them and help train them to develop reading, spelling, and writing skills while having fun. What's more, these materials are also valuable for older kids. Parents and teachers can utilize them to reinforce English lessons.

Personalized Accessories

These days, personalized accessories are still very popular. People want to be unique and to stand out. These custom-made items are also great for presents!

You can come up with your own homemade fashion jewelry that includes these letter beads and charms. They can be placed in necklaces, bracelets, and more. In addition, it would be great as well to use them for key chains, bag tags, cellphone charms, and even a couple of home decors. These creations will add a nice personal touch to your outfit, room, or home.

Scrapbooking and Design

Do you enjoy scrapbooking? Then letter beads and charms are also must-haves! Besides, designing each page to reflect your personal memories or to express a particular message would usually require a word or two done creatively. What better way to accomplish this than by sticking decorative letters that form the words?

Aside from scrapbooking, think of other design projects wherein alphabet ornaments would likely be appreciated. Maybe you want to create your own giveaways for your party. In this manner, you can always include the initials of the celebrant/s. Or if you're planning to decorate your own event, you can incorporate these letter beads and charms as well in various sections--- table centerpieces, registration table, nameplates, tokens and favors.

There are tons of other opportunities in which such knickknacks are likely to be used wonderfully. Apart from personal projects at home and parties or events, you can actually employ them to create a multitude of designs for the home, office, car, and others. It's up to you if you'd wish to eventually turn it into a business!

BeadsRFun.com offers a great selection of letter beads and charms that you should definitely check out. Not only is this online shop known to provide high quality trinkets, but you can be assured of unrivaled wholesale prices too. Enjoy browsing and have fun cooking up your next project.

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