6 Homemade Gift Ideas for Pet Cats and Dogs

Posted by beadsRfun on 2/13/2015

Thinking of giving your own pet a gift this coming Christmas? Or perhaps it's your pet's birthday and you'd like to give a special treat to show your love and also to express appreciation for his or her loyalty and care.

Cats and dogs are common pets in different households, treated as part of the family. It's only natural that their masters would want to give them gifts too.

Here are 6 gift ideas that you yourself can make or prepare at home:

1.      Terrific Treats

In the same way that people bake pastries to give as presents, you can also prepare homemade treat for pet cats and dogs. Just search online for simple recipes of different-flavored biscuits that you can make yourself and surely your pet will love you for these yummy treats!

2.      Cutie Collars

Pet collars are common gifts. However, you can make them more special if you design and create them yourself! You can use the same materials utilized for people's trinkets. Keep in mind that it's best to for a sturdy kind of material to which you can sew colored or printed fabrics. Then add a charm or even more to dangle from the collar. We carry a wide assortment of pet-themed charms, different beads and chains, and other embellishments you might want to include.

3.      Stylish Stuffed Toys

Do you know that cats and dogs both love stuffed toys? You can use old cloth swatches or fabrics from clothes, bags, and stockings that you're not using anymore. Get out your sewing kit and follow simple patterns online to come up with these cool toys shaped like mice, balls, etc. You can even attach a thick, soft rope that the pet can use for pulling.

4.      Pleasurable Pillows

Just like people, these pets also love to lounge around. Some prefer soft, fluffy pillows while there are others that enjoy hard surfaces more. Surely you've already noticed what your own pet favors. Now based on this, you can put together towels around a thick foam or piece of wood. Afterward, wrap a nice cloth around it and secure with Velcro or buttons.

5.      Beautiful Bowls

One of the basics that every cat or dog needs is the pet bowl. This is where you place the food every day. Wouldn't it be nice if you could actually personalize it? You can hand-paint it with decorations that suit your pet and even add your pet's name!

6.      Creative Coats

How about dressing up your pet in a creative, trendy coat or jacket? You can get his or her measurements and sew one from any fabric you like. Suede, corduroy, denim--- there's a whole range of fabrics you can use! Accentuate the coat with an artistic or fashionable flair by sewing on buttons, patches, and even jewels. Look through our selection and inspiration will surely strike.

These homemade gift ideas will not only make your pet happy, but will also be of good use. This is why you can also opt to create such for the pets of your loved ones!

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