7 Interesting Accessorizing Trends for 2015

Posted by beadsRfun on 1/14/2015

The fashion police has spoken, and it’s a great idea to take heed of their suggestion and run with it. However you approach any project though, the overriding theme for this year’s trend is attention to detail. So if you have run dry of inspiration, take a look at what haute couture pundits have laid out for the next season.

Single and Askew

Statement earrings this year took their cue from the new Mrs. George Clooney's mismatched bubblegum-colored shoes. In an unexpected departure from symmetry, earrings that do not come in the same color, and even shape, have been spotted at the runways for the Spring 2015 collection. So if your beading experiments didn't turn out right, you need not despair and instead pair up your fashion faux pas with another. 

Hip hippie

You can certainly wear a peace sign pendant straight up to look like a hippie, but that wouldn't be too subtle. Suggest, don't show, instead. Earthy pieces have never really been out of style, but this year, they are going to be in the spotlight. Hippie accessories are often identified as anything goes, but there will be focus on feathers, lattice-work, distressed leather, and other forms from nature – seeds, shells, wood, tumbled stones, rough-hewn gemstones and gemstone chips – are all perfect ingredients for (one-piece) earrings, necklaces, chokers, bracelets, and anklets.

Borrowed from Grandma

Estate jewelry and accessories are all the buzz this year. It definitely is a plus if you can rummage through Grandma's trunk or stake claim to your mother’s heirloom pieces, but it does not have to be authentic to be fashionable. This is the year vintage finds make a huge comeback, so if you can't find one, make one. Bead retailers usually have a vintage section, and you can use those trinkets to anchor an inherited-from-ancestors look, and string them up with crystals, pearls, and precious metals.

Charming charms

The reintroduction of hippie accessories this year is going to revive those old-standbys: the charms. Hippie bracelets are going to sport plenty of thin strips of leather, gemstone baubles, and animal charms. Butterflies are usually the go-to charm of choice, but four-legged animals – think dog, cat, and horses – have their fair share of fans in the runways.

Chunky chokers

Chokers are also seeing a comeback this year, and the materials range from metals to rough-hewn gemstones to crystals to pearls. If there is one piece of jewelry that is going to be all-inclusive in terms of materials used and unapologetic in size, chokers are it. 

Bold pendants

Uncut colorful gemstones and really shiny metals are taking the center stage for this year's statement jewelry. Choose an unusually loud and bold piece, string it on a metal chain or waxed cord, and wear it with a non-frilly frock or maxi for understated elegance.

Medieval romance

Heaps of colorful jewels, pearls, and metals are not going to raise eyebrows from the fashion police this year, as long as they look like they were 500 years too late. Antiqued pieces would make a great start, as well as pewter trinkets that look like they lived through the Dark Ages. As pendants and charms are big this year, you can pull off all three looks with one statement accessory by using a pewter fleur de lis pendant or oxidized cross pendant, for example. If that is too simple for you, thread a tiara or a collar necklace and fill it with blindingly colored crystals.

As always, making accessories makes way for that creative juice to pour forth. But this year’s collection is somewhat special – it gives you permission to bead like crazy.
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