A Hobby For a Mommy

Posted by beadsRfun on 2/4/2015

Life can be hectic.  Work schedules, family, the extracurricular activities of kids can take up all your time, and you think that there is no time for you to have something that is just for relaxation and enjoyment.  In this crazy world, it is important for you to have a hobby.  Hobbies can be beneficial to your health, but they can also be beneficial to your sense of self.

Parents, particularly mothers, can get lost in the chaos of everyday life.  The stresses of carpool, science projects, kids with colds and flus, housework, job and all the things that go with having a family can go a long way to stressing a mom out and stress can be overwhelming. 

Hobbies are good for your mind and your body.  They give your busy day a pleasant break.  Hobbies promote the positive kind of stress called eustress; when you're doing something you love, something you don't have to do for any other reason other than the fact that you love it, you feel a rush of excitement and joy.  Hobbies offer a new challenge; they give you break from the monotonous.  Hobbies provide an outlet for stress by focusing on a non-work-related task you're giving your mind something else to focus on. 

Beading is a great hobby.  It can be done anytime and anywhere.  The finished product can be given as gifts or even sold at craft fairs.  Beading can help keep your fingers nimble and your mind quick.  Keep your sanity and give yourself a little respite from the wonderful world of motherhood.

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