Beading Color Trends for Fall and Winter

Posted by beadsRfun on 9/1/2014

The thought of course moves to fall as we flip the calendar to September. While the heat persists in many parts of the country this month, the belief that autumn is really coming, and that winter (or some kind of "cold" season) is right behind, gives us some mental relief and excitement. And to get ready for the excitement of cooler temperatures, this can be the time to prepare.

From changing the bed cover to a thicker down comforter, and ditching the shorts and T-shirts for sweaters and jeans , the transition is happening in a lot of homes nationwide right now. And for those of us who are loyal beaders, the transition applies to us too - as we move from our summer colors and stones to what seems to be trending for the fall and winter season this year.

So what are the color combinations that are making the rounds this year in beading style? As you know, beading styles and trends aren't just about individual colors - they are about palettes.

One such palette that si sure to rend this cold season is a combination of dark green shades, light blues, grays, beige/tans and silvers. another interesting and inventive color combination can be a mix of orange shades with dark purples and browns, and neutral gray and beige tones. A third palette to consider is one with a nice balance - gold mixed with a medium purple shade, a light brown, a medium-red hue along with a bright green.

We encourage you to play around with these different combination until you find the shades you like and develop some vibrant pieces that include as much of the palette as possible. Have fun playing and creating!

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