Beading Skills for Self-Reliance in Namibia

Posted by beadsRfun on 12/31/2014

We here in the U.S. and Canada are very ambitious and entrepreneurial. We have the creativity to take beading and jewelry into whatever avenues we want - from a weekend hobby to a small sharing opportunity among friends to a full-blown business that generates some income from home.

In some parts of the world, beading is a bit foreign. We are heartened, though, to recently read about a national goovernment taking an interest in helping segments of its population gain some workable skills - and beading is one of them.

In the African country of Namibia, there was a story recently about that country's Ministry of Gender Equity and Child Welfare producing a beading workshop to about 30 women for the express purpose of skill development to promote self-sufficience in the female population of the country.

The goal of the workshop was to introduce beading to women to produce various items that could be eventually sold for an income, and the 30 women at the workshop were expected to go back to their part of Namibia and teach the beading techniques to others.

Gender Equity and Child Welfare Minister Josia Kavaa said this training promotes “economic independence for women, reduces their dependence on men and thus in a nutshell, reduces gender-based violence.”

We might take beading for granted, but when we see stories like this, we are inspired when women and children in other parts of the world are able to get exposure with such a wonderful, under-appreciated skill like beading and are empowered to take the new skill and benefit their quality of life from it. Let us all bead in support of Namibian women!

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