Beads and Bands: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Rainbow Loom Creations with Beads

Posted by beadsRfun on 10/22/2014

The increasingly growing popularity of rainbow loom bands is phenomenal. Because of this, it's just natural for its ingenious hobbyists to continuously come up too with new, fantastic designs and fresh, innovative ideas for their creations.

If you're thinking of how you can actually incorporate different beads into your own rainbow loom creations, here are 3 ideas to get you started:

Intertwined Beads

These days, you'll see plenty of creative designs online of rainbow loom enthusiasts in which they have intertwined or integrated the beads into the loom itself. All you need are several plastic or crystal beads shaped like short cylinders with big enough holes where you can loop the rubber bands. There are also other beads that may be shaped like hearts, stars, butterflies, and more.

Bracelets designed like this are great for modern friendship bracelets and for accessorizing your fashion ensemble. Depending on the kind of beads you use, you can match the bracelet appropriately with your outfit.

It's so cute how you can even make name bracelets by availing of letter beads in various shapes and styles. And if you wish to include numbers as well, you can also do so. Such design can also be done for anklets, bag charms, cellphone charms, and key chains.

These letter and number beads, as well as a wide range of other types of beads, can be found in our collection. Feel free to go over them and start creating stylish and artistic loom bracelets with your imagination!

Dangling Beads

You've probably seen charm bracelets before, with several different charms dangling from the bracelet. Well, it's also possible with your rainbow loom trinkets! Not only can you do this with your own bracelets but also with your other loom accessories. Just imagine how adorable and special your creation will turn out to be if you can personalize it with charms or beads that depict your favorites, interests, hobbies, profession, etc.

Whether you intend to produce these lovely rainbow loom creations with dangling beads and charms just for your own use or you plan to make them for your business or to give as gifts, you'll certainly capture others' attention with such a design. You can choose to add just one charm or a particular type of bead put together. Or you can also be more experimental by combining a multitude of beads and charms. And of course you still have the liberty to try this design with various loom patterns.

To come up with amazing dangling bead designs, go over our selection of beads and charms today and find a lot that will definitely enhance your creations.

Wrapped Beads

Do you know that you can also just wrap the beads around your rainbow loom bracelets and anklets? This is more commonly done with bracelets, though, adding exceptional flair to the original creation and making the accessories classier and more fashionable.

You can string together some beads with an invisible nylon, as if you'll be making a bracelet for a newborn baby! But before tying the ends together, wrap them around your loom bracelet. If you want, you can loom the nylon string into the bands so the design will stay in place. You may also opt to use more than one baby bead bracelet around a single rainbow loom bracelet.

Naturally, this isn't the only way to do it. Use your own creativity and fashion sense to invent your own designs that are bound to stand out among the other rainbow loom products! Stock up today on your beads and charms to use for an array of beaded loom bands.

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