Four Tips To Getting Started With Beading

Posted by beadsRfun on 9/2/2014

One of the most wonderful hobbies to get involved with is beading. This can be a perfect craft for your family and yourself. It can be a fantastic way to make your own, personalized gifts to give family and friends for the holidays. If you haven’t beaded before, you may want to try these simple rules to get your hobby off to a fast and easy start.

Start Small

One of the biggest mistakes people make when first learning to bead is jumping in too strong. This leaves too many chances for you to end up with a project that doesn’t get finished. Instead of deciding you are going to make a jewelry box and fill it with your beaded crafts to give your daughter for Christmas, decide to make her one amazing necklace or bracelet. This will give you one, distinct goal to start with and the opportunity to work on it until completion, rather than getting frustrated over a project being too large to fully complete.

Don’t Get Caught Collecting

Because there are so many different kinds of amazing beads available, it can be easy to get caught collecting these in little stashes. Be disciplined when you first start and don’t get too many beads. It’s good to have extras in case you get caught working on a project, but try to keep your collection paired down to specific projects until you have completed a few

Invest In An Organizer

One way to get you excited about the craft of beading is to get a well-made organizer right off the bat. This will help to keep your beads separated and make it easier to do any of the projects on your list. This one time investment can actually make all of your projects easier because all of your tools and beads will be at the ready.

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