Make an Impression by Hosting a Bracelet Beading Party for Girls

Posted by beadsRfun on 1/12/2015
Planning and setting up parties can be frustrating especially if you’re starting from scratch. From food, location and to party theme, all these complicate the life of a parent who wants the best for her kid. Also, planning for a kid’s party is different from the adult’s- girls aged 5 to 11 are often difficult to please, highly mobile and easily bored. But when you a decision has to be made and you want to inspire and bring entertainment to young guests, consider beads and the art of beadwork as the anchor for the celebration. A bracelet beading activity as the main draw of the party will surely keep your young guests entertained and busy for the next few hours. Most young girls love the idea of accessorizing, creating jewelry pieces and showing these off to friends so you’ll definitely rock this theme. Also, parents will appreciate the efforts you have extended in the planning since you have provided not just colorful favors but a platform to showcase their creativity and artistry. 

Set-up arts and crafts table complete with beading supplies 

Assign tables around the event venue, filling these up with all accessories and products required in the bracelet beading activities. You need to stock up on bead-making essentials like stringing supplies, different types of beads, and tape measures to measure wrist size, clasps, bead boards and creatively-crafted beads that can serve as examples. Stringing materials come in a variety of types, and it’s best to supply the participants with different options to promote creativity. 

Some of the popular stringing materials to include in the portfolio are waxed cords in different sizes, leather necklace cords with clasps, cable choker necklace and organza ribbon and cotton cord necklace with clasps. Also, you can throw in alphabets and numbers into the bead collection. Number beads and charms made from Czech glass serve as valuable additions to the mix allowing your young guests to personalize their bracelets. Finally’ don’t forget to include colored beads into your shopping list. 

Allow guests to show off their creations 

Once the beads and bracelets are ready, you can allow the kids to show off their creations inside a photo booth. A photo booth can serve as the perfect place for kids to show off what they have completed. They can show their individual creations or show off their bracelets together as a team. 

A variety of themes are available when it comes to hosting birthday parties for young girls. But don’t just stick with the traditional themes and party favors; take a fun and creative route by introducing a bracelet beading party that’s memorable and inspires creativity among kids and the young at heart.
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