Mosaic Turquoise Barrel Shaped Beads 20x18mm, 1 piece

Mosaic Turquoise Barrel Shaped Beads 20x18mm, 1 piece

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Gemstone:Mosaic Turquoise (stabilized & dyed)
Color:Blue-Green with Brown Matrix
Size:20mm W x 18mm D, approx
Hole Size:1 - 1.25mm, drilled through the center
Description:Mosaic Turquoise barrel shaped bead. This bead is nice and chunky with a smooth surface.
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  • Turquoise and Chalk Turquoise is very porous which allows it to absorb pollutants including oils from skin. Stabilized turquoise has been treated to improve its color and hardness and to prevent the stone from fading or discoloring with use.
  • Natural gemstones may have cracks or chips. These beads are priced according to their overall quality.

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