Pandora Party Booth for Little Girls and Not-So-Little Girls

Posted by beadsRfun on 2/15/2015

There's no denying the fact that Pandora took the women's jewelry industry by storm when it came out. With its tremendous selection of high quality bead designs plus the liberty of buyers to personalize their bracelets with different combinations, this type of jewelry held such great promise even from the beginning and now continues to zoom up the top, evolving incessantly and truly making waves.

So why not come up with your very own Pandora party booth to add some fun and entertainment to the usual fashion-themed parties of little girls? Whether it's a 7th birthday celebration, a sweet sixteen event, a debutante ball, or even a wedding, this booth will surely be a hit among the female guests. It doesn’t just provide something interactive but they can design their own souvenirs too!

Party Idea

You can create a DIY booth decorated to match the fashion theme of the party or perhaps to look like an elegant jewelry shop in a wedding. Then stock up on a wide variety of choices, most of which could be related to the motif or color scheme of the event.

If you go over our selection, you'll be happy to find that we carry several colors and types of these Pandora-inspired beads--- from fun, swirly printed ones made of clay to elegant porcelain and rhinestone ones.

Aside from the beads, there are several different bracelets you can pick from. You may opt for the metal type or even braided leather strings. What's more, you need not have to be limited to bracelets. You can also include Pandora-themed necklaces. Indeed these will bring a smile to young and teenage girls and even to women who just adore stylish, sophisticated jewelry and fashion accessories.

Benefits for Guests

It isn't just a cool party idea, but this booth will surely pique the interest of your guests and make your party seem more fun and unforgettable. It will also keep people busy and happy throughout the party, especially when combined with other activities and party favors.

Another benefit is that guests can actually bring home their creations to serve as giveaways. This is cost effective for you because you'll be providing entertainment, décor, and souvenirs all in one!

Potential Business

If you find that your idea's a success, you can even turn this entire thing into a business! Yes, it's similar to those providing makeover, hair salon, and nail spa booths for girly parties. A Pandora party booth will definitely rake in good extra income for you.

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