Personalized New Year Gift Ideas Using Letter and Number Beads

Posted by beadsRfun on 1/2/2015
It’s that time of the year again when we’re making a list and checking it twice. For most of us, a store-bought gift would suffice. A few of us, however, are not satisfied with any of those pre-packaged gifts at all; we want our gifts to speak of our thoughtfulness and gratitude, and nothing short of personalized, handmade gift will do.
If you are intent on making your own but couldn't find enough time to do it all, simple, easy-to-do yet beautifully crafted jewelry can be done in one sitting, yet do not lack that personalized touch that our recipients will appreciate. Your time in creating handmade gifts is a gift in itself, not to mention an opportunity to exercise your creative side while making other people happy. Here are some easy projects for you to start with, and you can scale up if your time and resources permit.
A person's name is the sweetest gift of all
It's called 'personalized' because it has the person's name in it written in bold letters. In the case of necklaces and earrings using charms, those bold letters are in the form of silver plated pewter letter cubes that spell out a special someone's name, or if using the single loop pewter alphabet charms, initials.
Congratulate with silver plated number charms
Is someone special in your life turning 50 on or around New Year's Day? Or are coupled friends celebrating their 10th wedding anniversary? Why not make them a special present using special occasion silver plated number charms? Personal jewelry is the easiest gift to make, but for couples, the silver plated number charms can be used as pendants for home decors such as beaded napkin holders or wine glass pendants.
A gift of love of number and letters for kids
This one will make affordable but adorable gifts to little ones! If they yet have to master numbers and letters, make your gifts a learning opportunity for them by spelling out their names or stringing out their birthdays in numerals using plastic letter and number beads. Kids may have already overused magnetic letters to learn numbers and alphabets in school, and overuse of that material may lead to boredom. Keep kids engaged with this lovely gift that they will treasure long after they mastered the task.

Sometimes, the best gifts are not the most expensive or the most elaborate. The most important thing for your gifts to speak of is that it was done with love and came from the heart.
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