Year End Sale

Posted by beadsRfun on 12/28/2015
Year End Sale
End of Year Sitewide Savings of 5% to 70% Off! 

Memorial Day

Posted by Administrator on 5/23/2015
Memorial Day
Let FREEDOM ring!

Mother's Day Sale

Posted by beadsRfun on 5/2/2015
Mother's Day Sale
Shop to your heart's content and save 10% off orders of $50 or more. Celebrate Mother's Day with this monumental discount!
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Pandora Party Booth for Little Girls and Not-So-Little Girls

Posted by beadsRfun on 2/15/2015

There's no denying the fact that Pandora took the women's jewelry industry by storm when it came out. With its tremendous selection of high quality bead designs plus the liberty of buyers to personalize their bracelets with different combinations, this type of jewelry held such great promise even from the beginning and now continues to zoom up the top, evolving incessantly and truly making waves.

So why not come up with your very own Pandora party booth to add some fun and entertainment to the usual fashion-themed parties of little girls? Whether it's a 7th birthday celebration, a sweet sixteen event, a debutante ball, or even a wedding, this booth will surely be a hit among the female guests. It doesn’t just provide something interactive but they can design their own souvenirs too!

Everything You need to Get Started Beading

Posted by beadsrfun on 2/13/2015
Anyone can enjoy beading. All you need to get started creating your own bead creations is some instruction, beading supplies and tools, and a bit of imagination and patience. 

6 Homemade Gift Ideas for Pet Cats and Dogs

Posted by beadsRfun on 2/13/2015

Thinking of giving your own pet a gift this coming Christmas? Or perhaps it's your pet's birthday and you'd like to give a special treat to show your love and also to express appreciation for his or her loyalty and care.

Cats and dogs are common pets in different households, treated as part of the family. It's only natural that their masters would want to give them gifts too.

A Hobby For a Mommy

Posted by beadsRfun on 2/4/2015

Life can be hectic.  Work schedules, family, the extracurricular activities of kids can take up all your time, and you think that there is no time for you to have something that is just for relaxation and enjoyment.  In this crazy world, it is important for you to have a hobby.  Hobbies can be beneficial to your health, but they can also be beneficial to your sense of self.

4 DIY Gift Ideas for Valentine's Day

Posted by beadsRfun on 2/2/2015
Valentine's Day is just around the corner, and many people are gearing up for it, thinking of different ways to express their love and concern for the people who are important to them. It's but natural to give presents, but these need not be expensive. You can work on DIY gifts for a more personal touch, which will surely be greatly appreciated by the recipients.

3 Wonderful Uses of Letter Beads and Charms

Posted by beadsRfun on 1/15/2015
Whether you're a parent, a teacher, an artist, a fashion enthusiast, a hobbyist, or an entrepreneur, it's certainly a good idea to stock up on the different letter beads and charms available in the market today. They're certainly charming and stylish, not to mention bound to be of good use if you're into artsy stuff or if you facilitate arts and crafts projects for children.

7 Interesting Accessorizing Trends for 2015

Posted by beadsRfun on 1/14/2015
The fashion police has spoken, and it’s a great idea to take heed of their suggestion and run with it. However you approach any project though, the overriding theme for this year’s trend is attention to detail. So if you have run dry of inspiration, take a look at what haute couture pundits have laid out for the next season.

Beading to Build Your Child's Motor Skills (And Then Some)

Posted by beadsRfun on 1/12/2015
Motor skills are like any other skill: you need to practice them to keep them. But for children who have issues with fine motor skills, they yet have to develop capable muscles in their fingers, hands and wrists so they will be able to build on that capability as they grow older.

Make an Impression by Hosting a Bracelet Beading Party for Girls

Posted by beadsRfun on 1/12/2015
Planning and setting up parties can be frustrating especially if you’re starting from scratch. From food, location and to party theme, all these complicate the life of a parent who wants the best for her kid. Also, planning for a kid’s party is different from the adult’s- girls aged 5 to 11 are often difficult to please, highly mobile and easily bored. But when you a decision has to be made and you want to inspire and bring entertainment to young guests, consider beads and the art of beadwork as the anchor for the celebration.

Personalized New Year Gift Ideas Using Letter and Number Beads

Posted by beadsRfun on 1/2/2015
It’s that time of the year again when we’re making a list and checking it twice. For most of us, a store-bought gift would suffice. A few of us, however, are not satisfied with any of those pre-packaged gifts at all; we want our gifts to speak of our thoughtfulness and gratitude, and nothing short of personalized, handmade gift will do.

Know Your Stringing Material Will Work

Posted by beadsRfun on 1/1/2015
No one wants to spend their time creating a special necklace or bracelet, only to have it soon break and scatter beads all over the place.

Beading Skills for Self-Reliance in Namibia

Posted by beadsRfun on 12/31/2014

We here in the U.S. and Canada are very ambitious and entrepreneurial. We have the creativity to take beading and jewelry into whatever avenues we want - from a weekend hobby to a small sharing opportunity among friends to a full-blown business that generates some income from home.

Understanding AB and Metallic Coatings

Posted by beadsRfun on 11/24/2014
These terms may be used differently by suppliers which can be confusing. At we would like to cover the basics of bead coatings.

Your Guide to Czech Beads

Posted by beadsRfun on 11/23/2014
Czech beads are much sought after all around the world because they are of top quality, they are beautiful, and they are relatively inexpensive. Moreover, Czech beads have a long history going back as long as 700 years ago. When you buy a Czech glass or crystal bead you are buying a bit of history.

Beadwork – The Art of Making Things Extraordinary

Posted by beadsRfun on 11/20/2014
Taking on beadwork as a hobby would be a good idea for anyone who wants to find a way to let their creative side run wild. It’s a great pastime, it doesn't have to be too expensive to do, and it can easily grow into something more. The line that divides doing beadwork in a casual way, and making a business out of it is incredibly thin.

Beads and Bands: 3 Ways to Enhance Your Rainbow Loom Creations with Beads

Posted by beadsRfun on 10/22/2014

The increasingly growing popularity of rainbow loom bands is phenomenal. Because of this, it's just natural for its ingenious hobbyists to continuously come up too with new, fantastic designs and fresh, innovative ideas for their creations.

If you're thinking of how you can actually incorporate different beads into your own rainbow loom creations, here are 3 ideas to get you started:

3 Great Ways to Show Your Gratitude on Thanksgiving

Posted by beadsRfun on 10/20/2014

Thanksgiving's just around the corner. Aside from the usual dinner and beyond the mouthwatering turkey on your table, what are your plans?

This special event is not merely a tradition. It stands for something much bigger and more significant. More than anything else, it's a reminder for you to be grateful for your blessings and for the people who continue to love and support you. Indeed it's a wonderful opportunity for you to express your gratitude to those you care about.

Bead Giving Traditions from Around the World

Posted by beadsRfun on 10/20/2014
People from all around the world have been giving beads as gifts for thousands of years. When you give beads as gift you are continuing a tradition that connects you and your loved ones to ancestors from long ago. Moreover, when you give beads you are in many times a tool that will help your loved ones communicate with God.

Make a Statement: Stick Beads

Posted by beadsRfun on 9/28/2014
Stick beads are a relatively new player on the commercial bead stage, but owe their heritage back to ancient Egypt and beyond.

As You Wish: Considering Bespoke Jewelry

Posted by beadsRfun on 9/28/2014
The bespoke jewelry tradition dates back far beyond the current world monarchies, before even the upsurge in Europe of a middle class, to medieval times, when artisans of all varieties were kept afloat only by securing lucrative patronages.

Four Tips To Getting Started With Beading

Posted by beadsRfun on 9/2/2014
One of the most wonderful hobbies to get involved with is beading. This can be a perfect craft for your family and yourself.

Beading Color Trends for Fall and Winter

Posted by beadsRfun on 9/1/2014

The thought of course moves to fall as we flip the calendar to September. While the heat persists in many parts of the country this month, the belief that autumn is really coming, and that winter (or some kind of "cold" season) is right behind, gives us some mental relief and excitement. And to get ready for the excitement of cooler temperatures, this can be the time to prepare.

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